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Rohit Kumar
Digital VP at Huntdigital Media

Nick Lukas
CEO at Octolead

Yonatan Attias
COO at Traffikey

Leo Prithiviraj
Ad Operations at ADATHA

Shwet Kamal
Founder & CEO at RoyalMobi Media

Gaurav Negi
Co-Founder & CEO at Click2Commission

We have tried many different options and tools to check our offers and non of them gave us the solution we needed until I came upon AffiliTest. AffiliTest is a must-have tool for every CPI ad-network.

Thanks to AffiliTest our account managers have insight on every offer. It is fast and simple to use and now our account managers know if the offer works or not and exactly where it came from.
Since using AffiliTest the quality of our offers has increased which brought us an increase in both our work with our affiliates and revenues.

AffiliTest is absolutely the obvious and easiest way to increase your network's revenue!
Affilitest is a revolutionary tool for every CPI oriented Ad-Network.
Previously, when we were checking our url redirections we’ve tried using lots of different tools and VPNs but in most cases we not get the better result.We are working with AffilTest for the last 4 months and in 98% of the times we got positive results.
Affilitest’s API helps us to eliminate broken offers from our API and this helps us with traffic optimisation and driving better results.
Our account manager in AffiliTest is innovative and he’s always available when we need assistance. He is very detail oriented and works collaboratively to solve problems. I am definitely looking forward to making more and more business cooperation with AffiliTest in the future!
Affilitest is a real breakthrough in mobile marketing!

Thanks to this smart tool our managers always know if the offer is alive or not, and we really appreciate it, because we don't want to spend clicks unproductively.

Affilitest helps us to boost our results, to accelerate running campaigns and to improve relations with our clients.

Affilitest is a tool that changed the industry, it gave us a lot of options and made our daily work much more effective. Since we started using AffiliTest, our performance and CR have improved, it gave us the control on live offers and saved us money.

AffiliTest made our lives easier. Our productivity has increased and we don't need to rely on broken VPNs.
We highly recommend using this service as it also saved us a lot of money and wasted time.
AffiliTest is a boon for publishers. It helps reducing the spending on traffic and it intelligently helps to concentrate the direct offers from the advertisers.
AffiliTest helps to identify live offers too, while putting no effort. It’s a useful tool altogether for quality inventory owners.
Absolutely fantastic product the team has built with the help of it we've managed to control the traffic waste and effectively improve our daily operations...
A big thumbs up to Affilitest!